Take Action Today! Time is of the essence.

The Conservatives are choosing a new leader. Whoever they choose will be the new Prime Minister, the one who sets the direction for the whole country. 


Even if you do not support the Conservatives, this is our golden opportunity to exercise our electoral muscle and make sure they choose an openly gender critical candidate who will #RespectMySex.


If your MP is Conservative (and even if you are not), please write to them urging them to put women and children front and centre when deciding who to back in the first two voting rounds.

 Time is of the essence so take action today! Use the easy-click facility below.

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Dear [Your MP's Name],

I am writing to you as your constituent. I have been watching the Conservative Party leadership contest closely. The new leader of the party will also be the new Prime Minister - the one who will set the direction of the country - and so this is a matter that affects all of us.


I realise the country faces challenges. There are some concerns, however, that are of fundamental importance to me: protecting women and girls’ single sex spaces and safeguarding children. When it comes to the next general election, I will not vote for somebody who endorses gender identity ideology because of the huge risks it poses to women and children. 


I therefore urge you to ask the following questions of any candidate you are preparing to support: 


  • Their definition of the word 'woman'.

  • Whether they are committed to protecting same sex spaces and services for women and girls such as public toilets, school toilets, changing rooms, hospital wards, domestic violence refuges, local rape crisis counselling services and women's prisons.

  • What they intend to do about children being exposed to gender identity theory and overtly sexual RSE teaching at an inappropriate age at school.


Please be aware that whatever else you are told or may believe, this is a matter of the utmost concern to many, many women in the UK. If the new Prime Minister does not commit to taking those concerns to heart, the Conservatives are at risk of losing seats. Voters will desert the party at the next election in the same way that party members have left the Labour Party and the LibDems - and for the same reasons. Women are angry. Parents are angry.


I urge you to make the right choice and I look forward to learning your decision.


Yours sincerely,

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