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Our First Year

The Women’s Rights Network are proud to celebrate our 1st birthday.


We have gone from strength to strength, membership is increasing every week and the power of our voices gets stronger.

We are a diverse group of women ranging in age, race, sexual attraction, disability, employment, non employment, parenthood and non parenthood. We have differing political, religious & non religious views, we are committed to free speech & putting women & children first.

Our groups have joined forces to actively and respectfully discuss our sex-based rights. We offer support to one another. We make our concerns known and push for workable solutions.

Our Members

We could not have achieved any of this without our fantastic members who work tirelessly writing letters to politicians leafleting a variety of establishments, making banners, holding stalls, tying ribbons, sending our message loud & clear and Venus on the mountain!

"By organising & communicating as a group we make a difference. Rather than being an isolated voice screaming into the void, the WRN gives my activism structure & positive ways to take action. Thank you so much to all the volunteers who keep this wonderful organisation going"

"Joining WRN has allowed me to meet a diverse group of women from whom I have learned and continue to learn so much. Everyone is warmly welcomed to the group and together we work to protect Women’s Rights."

"I only joined WRN in April this year and despite not having met anyone in person yet everyone feels like a true friend. Has kept me sane and given me lots of laughs"

"WRN has saved me from a life of anguish and continuous feeling of helplessness. The solidarity and sisterhood from meeting like-minded women locally has been a lifeline. Being part of the WRN has been a way to transform my fury and fear into positive action."

"Being in #WRN has enabled me to channel rage into positive action. I now see things change & know that I played a part I have met the most wonderful, caring, fearsome & funny women Made lifelong friends. WRN might be dominating my life, but it’s given it a purpose & a mission"

Birthday Wishes From Our Friends