​Three brave activists launch 'most significant female movement since the Suffragettes' urging public demand EVERY politician standing in next month's elections can answer that simple - and very direct - question

Can a woman have a penis?


A simple question, you might imagine. 

But not, it seems, for a flustered Sir Keir Starmer, who squirmed when asked just this in a radio interview this week.

And he's certainly not the only politician struggling with such matters. Anneliese Dodds, the shadow minister for women and equalities, recently had an issue defining precisely what a woman was (a clue, Anneliese, look in the mirror!), before reaching the conclusion 'it depends on what the context is'. 

The Chancellor Rishi Sunak, too, in a recent radio interview was unable to say in his own words what a woman was.

​How worrying it is that politicians are now too cowardly to answer this most basic of questions, that they are unable to define what is, after all, half the population. 


...Women have had enough.


​So three of the country's largest campaign groups on women's rights — Women Uniting, Sex Matters and Women's Rights Network (WRN) — are mobilising with a new campaign: 'Respect my Sex if you want my X'. 

We believe that politicians should know they can't expect our cross in the voting box if they do not acknowledge and protect women's sex-based rights.

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