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Dear [Your MP's Name],

I am writing to you as your constituent.
The Conservative leadership contest this last week was a refreshing exercise in honesty for one reason. Candidates actually admitted that there is a conflict between the demands made by transactivists and women’s rights.  My support and vote are reserved for politicians who acknowledge this conflict of rights along with biological sex and material reality. 

Women make up 51% of the population. Eroding the hard-won rights of my mother, my sisters, daughters, nieces, my female friends and colleagues won’t get you my vote in the future. Issues of free speech and gender are not confected tabloid distractions, but crucial battles over freedom, equality and who we are as a society.
Transgender people should have the same rights as everyone else and be free to live their lives in peace and free of prejudice. However, 'trans rights', to date, has largely meant the intrusion of men and boys into women's and girls’ single sex spaces without consent, and the theft of the very word 'woman'. Women and girls are once again being disadvantaged, discriminated against, and their need for safety, privacy and dignity sacrificed.
Do you want a country in which women and girls are marginalised in favour of a tiny number of males who reject their own biological reality? A country in which they are made to withdraw from the places that were created to enable them to participate safely and fully in public life?
There is growing evidence that women and girls are self-excluding from gender neutral toilets (including school toilets) and from mixed sex changing rooms because they do not feel safe. Women of faith, women with disabilities - their legitimate needs are especially dismissed and disregarded. Women’s hospital wards are being run as mixed-sex facilities. So are women’s prisons. Women are self-excluding from rape counselling services because of the intrusion of males into what has traditionally been and should be a female-only safe space. Women’s sports are struggling with the very real consequences of being made mixed-sex.
Are you seeking to expand the growing medical scandal of 'trans kids' and see more young lives blighted by irreversible choices made at an age before they were old enough to drive or to vote?
Our children are being taught as fact - in school and by media propaganda - that they may be 'born in the wrong body'. Social transitioning is acknowledged in the interim Cass Report to be a nearly irreversible first step on the path to puberty blockers, hormone treatments and surgery. Yet the most vulnerable children and young people - autistic, same sex attracted, anorexic, victims of abuse and bullying - are being led down the road to medicalisation not supported by scientific evidence. That treatment involves powerful end-of-life cancer drugs, also used for chemical castration, being given to disrupt puberty. 
There is a growing de-transition community. Young adults are finding out too late that they made the wrong decision. They are left with devastating physical and mental health consequences. It will increasingly place additional pressure on the NHS to alleviate the most distressing conditions.
Penny Mordaunt’s leadership bid was hobbled by her views on the primacy of trans rights over women’s rights and her subsequent attempts to distance herself from her known views in an attempt to woo a wider audience. Women were never going to accept a leadership candidate intent on destroying their rights. Parents were never going to accept someone who pushed gender identity ideology into their children’s schools. 
So as an MP, you now have a clear choice. Stand up for women and children or consign yourself to electoral oblivion. In 2024 or even sooner, you will need my vote. That depends on you and what you say and do now.
If you share my concerns, say so. If you think my concerns equate to bigotry, say so. This issue for me will determine whether I vote for you or someone else.
Yours sincerely,

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