Local elections are happening on 5th May. Tell candidates: Respect My Sex If You Want My ‘X’!

Each week from Saturday 2 April to Polling Day on Thursday 5 May, we will discuss how the reality of the two sexes – man and woman, male and female – are being sidelined in language, law, policy and public spaces, and why this matters.   We will cover topics such as ‘Sex Not Gender’, Single-Sex Spaces and Safeguarding, and explore case studies on what happens when local authorities get this wrong.

From now, until the 5th May, we will send our politicians a message. We will tell political parties, and the candidates and campaigners who knock on our doors, that sex matters. Women matter. Single-sex spaces matter; female-only sporting events matter; child safeguarding matters – as much in local authorities as in Government itself.

Take Action!

This campaign is brought to you by Women Uniting, partnering with the Women’s Rights Network and Sex Matters.  

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