2 June 22 is the 75th anniversary of the Queen’s coronation. Women's rights have changed significantly over that time. Over the next few weeks we will show how much we've gained, how much we've lost & what we stand to lose.

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Save Our Spaces Postcard Image

We have come up with these brilliant postcards using our iconic “Save Our Spaces” design.

Use them as a nifty reminder of how recent and fragile our sex-based tights are. Send them to MPs, Councillors, CEOs or even your boss.


Pin them to noticeboards or strategically place them in communal areas.


We’d love to know who you sent yours to!   

Save Our Spaces Merch

Fancy a bit of “Save Our Spaces” merch?

We have a range of fabulous products over in our WRN Merchandise shop (a separate external website).

There are all sorts of brilliant products.