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The report, Transphobia As A Security Concern - The  Dangers of Conflating Political Speech with Violent Insurrection, is produced by a collaboration between Fair Cop and The Women’s Rights Network.

If you would like write to your MP to ensure that your he/she sees this report, we can help make that easy for you!


The mechanism below will enable you to send the following email to your MP. Simply complete the form, click submit and we will ensure that your MP gets your email. 

Transphobia As A Security Concern Report Cover

Send this email and report to your MP.

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Dear [Your MP's Name],

The right of women to single-sex spaces is under attack and debate is being closed down by every means possible; frequently by attacking the motivation and character of those trying to defend women’s hard-won rights. 


People – usually women – defending single-sex spaces are increasingly called “extremists” or even “terrorists” and accused of being “radicalised”, with all the security concerns associated with those labels being invoked. The recent Council of Europe report, describing UK women as “virulent bigots”, has sadly added to this hyperbole. 


A rebuttal of these attacks and an analysis of the dangers they bring has been made in a short report “Transphobia As A Security Concern – The Dangers of Conflating Political Speech with Violent Insurrection” published on 10th January 2022 by Fair Cop in collaboration with the Women’s Rights Network.


Please find a copy of the report here:


A PDF is also attached for your convenience – I very much hope you will be able to find the time to read it.


Please can you respond with your views on this, and reassurance that you do not regard me, your constituent, as a terrorist because of my views on women. 


[Your Name]

[Your Address]

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