Maya Forstater Suspended From Twitter

Maya Forstater has been suspended from Twitter after mass-reporting relating to her tweets about child-safeguarding unless she deletes a tweet which was part of a thread about child safeguarding and the pressures against speaking up.

Read Maya's Statement - This is not a culture war. It is a war on safeguarding to see how the corruption of safeguarding, by Queer Theory, and fear-driven overindulgence of anything justified as LGBTQIA+ inclusion, has been going on in plain sight for years.


Maya Forstater

The Womens Rights Network stands by Maya Forstater and all those who have been raising the alarm on Mermaids for at least the last 5 years.

Maya has rightly raised safeguarding issues that Mermaids failed to see and rectify.

Safeguarding of children & vulnerable young people must always be a priority. It is everyone's responsibility to raise concerns.


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