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WRN Group Twitter Account and Email T&Cs

All groups wishing to have a WRN branded Twitter account must adhere to the following guidelines to ensure that Twitter handles are not lost when members leave, and to protect the WRN brand.

WRN branded Twitter and email accounts – definitions and usage:

  • A WRN branded Twitter handle has WRN in the name and is used by a local group.

  • A WRN owned email is any email account.

  • Twitter accounts are used by as way for non-members to communicate with a local group.

  • To tweet about local events of interest.

  • All public communications from Twitter accounts and WRN branded email accounts must comply with the most recent statement for use of WRN Brand and Values.

All WRN Twitter handles must be agreed with the membership team and follow a consistent format:

  • ​The handle should be refixed WRN.

  • The handle should be geographically specific to the group.

  • No other organisation should be referenced.

  • The handle must be associated with a WRN owned email account.

  • Only Twitter handles agreed with the membership team can be used to represent WRN regional groups.

The email account associated with the Twitter account must be owned by Women’s Rights Network

  • The email account will be matched to the Twitter handle.

  • The regional group will be charged £12 a year in advance for the email account to cover costs.

  • Renewal reminders will be sent to the email and associated Twitter handle annually in November. Please make payment promptly.

  • The email and associated Twitter handle will be cancelled if payment is not made.

  • No refunds are available if the account is not used.

The email account must only be used for official WRN business

  • For communicating with group members.

  • For communicating with other WRN members.

  • Communication with third parties (non-WRN individuals or organisations) must be approved by the membership team.

WRN branding must not be used on any email account name or Twitter account without the express approval of the core team.

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