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The Keep Prisons Single Sex rally at the Ministry of Justice in March 2022 was very well attended by women from WRN and other women’s group.   

Keep Prisons Single Sex


An image showing the Keep Prisons Single Sex Rally in MArch 2022

We all know who will be adversely affected by a policy that allows men to identify their way into women’s prisons. We know that women who are incarcerated with men are unlikely to fare well.


It’s why we have sex segregation in prisons in the first place.


One former prisoner, FDJ, tried to challenge the placement of men in women’s prisons through judicial review after she was forced to shower with a male who went on to sexually assault her and other women. The judge said he fully understood the concerns of FDJ, and that women prisoners may suffer fear and acute anxiety if housed with a “transgender woman who has male genitalia”. He also acknowledged that the unconditional introduction of a man into the general population of a women's prison carries a statistically greater risk of sexual assault upon non-transgender prisoners. Despite this FDJ lost her case and the practice of housing fully intact males with women continues.

For many of us, it is simply inexplicable that the justice authorities are happy to take a man’s word for it that he is a woman, even though they are not willing to believe him when he says he is innocent.


To place men who have been convicted of serious crimes – even rape – in the female estate is criminal.


Read these personal testimonies to understand just how devastating the impact can be on the women affected.

WRN Podcasts

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Vulnerable female prisoners are housed with men who say they are women - even when they are male sex offenders and have fully functioning male genitals.

  • The Times: Trans sex offenders are moved into women’s jails (2021) - Read More

  • Sunday Times: Trans prisoners ‘switch gender again’ once freed from women’s units (2022) - Read More

If you would like to know more about the issue and find out what you can do in support, please visit:

  • The campaign for the sex-based rights of women in prison at Keep Prisons Single Sex

  • Women in prison and transgender prison policy at Fair Play for Women

  • Where Sex Matters: Prisons - Sex Matters

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