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Are safety, dignity and privacy important for you, your mother, your daughter, your sister?

Single sex spaces are being removed despite legal protections provided by The Equality Act - this is unlawful.

Women and girls are losing their rights to single sex spaces in changing rooms, toilets (even in schools), hospital wards, prisons (even in showers) and rape crisis centres.


Read more about Single Sex Spaces and why they matter at Sex Matters.


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WRN Podcasts

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Changing Rooms

Shops like M&S now allow men into women's changing areas - even into bra fitting areas.

  • The Daily Mail: Monsoon's female changing rooms are 'open to BOTH sexes' (2022) -  Read more

  • Metro: John Lewis gender neutral fitting rooms ‘put women at risk’ (2019) - Read more

  • The Independent: M&S Customer Outraged Over Gender-Inclusive Fitting Rooms (2019) - Read More


  • The Independent: Fury after police commissioner claims transgender women should not be allowed to use female toilets (2021) - Read More

  • The Times: Schoolgirls rejecting mixed toilets over boys’ bad behaviour (2021) - Read More



An OFSTED report (June 2021) found that 79% of girls have experienced sexual assault at school, many of these assaults have happened in mixed sex toilets.


Health Care

The NHS is supposed to provide single-sex wards, but Annex B allows mixed sex wards - even when a male has a history of sexual assault.

  • NHS Guidance: Delivering same-sex accommodation guidance (Sep 2019) – Read the guidance with Annex B  (PDF doc)

  • The Times: Hospital ‘dismissed claim of rape by trans attacker’ (2022) - Read More

  • The Times: Trans sex offenders can go on women’s wards, hospitals advise (2021) - Read More




Police guidance allows a trans-identifying male officer to strip-search a woman prisoner.

  • Mirror Online: Women can be strip-searched by transgender police officers who were born male (2022) - Read More

  • Telegraph: Women are an ‘afterthought’ (2022) – Read More

  • GBNews: ‘a devastating blow to women’s trust’ (2022) - Read More


Vulnerable female prisoners are housed with men who say they are women - even when they are male sex offenders and have fully functioning male genitals.

  • The Times: Trans sex offenders are moved into women’s jails (2021) - Read More

  • Sunday Times: Trans prisoners ‘switch gender again’ once freed from women’s units (2022) - Read More


  • The campaign for the sex-based rights of women in prison at Keep Prisons Single Sex

  • Women in prison and transgender prison policy at Fair Play for Women

Leisure Centres & Public Pools

Nearly 90% of sexual assaults in leisure centres and public pools happens in mixed sex changing areas.

  • The Times: Unisex changing rooms put women in danger (2018) - Read More

Rape Crisis Centres

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