Primark is putting women at risk.
Women's Rights Network Response to Viral Video on Voyeurism.

Press Release 25th September 2022


Heather Binning of the Women’s Rights Network says, “Men have no place in women’s changing rooms. To state this is neither hateful nor transphobic, it is a simple truth.


“The tearful video Charlotte Kirby has posted on social media illustrates so many of the reasons why we should all push back on gender identity ideology.


“No woman should have to deal with men opening curtains as they change in a fitting room. For this to happen once is appalling, for it to happen twice during one shopping trip shows what a creeps’ charter mixed-sex changing rooms have become.


“Primark cannot plead ignorance or inclusion. Women have repeatedly warned them that mixed-sex changing rooms are a problem. This latest example of voyeurism is just the most recent in a series of incidents reported in Primark stores.*


“Primark and other high street retailers must start prioritising the safety, privacy and dignity of women and stop facilitating predatory men in the name of ‘inclusion’.


“No woman should be put at risk in this way. No retailer should implement policies which leave a woman feeling so violated and frightened that staff had to escort her to her car. And no woman should ever feel the need to apologise for being victimised by predatory males.


“The fact that this young woman has to preface her distressing disclosure with the caveat that she is ‘for’ mixed-sex changing rooms because ‘they make everyone feel included’ shows how far down this rabbit-hole of male entitlement we have fallen.


“Women are making their disgust at Primark clear on social media, we encourage them to contact the retailer to let them know enough is enough, and to take their custom elsewhere if Primark does not reverse this dangerous policy.”


* These incidents in Primark stores have been reported. How many others have not?