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The Honesty Questions - Respect My Sex

This is the third year that Women’s Rights Network is calling on politicians to “Respect My Sex”.​


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This is the third year that Women’s Rights Network is calling on politicians to “Respect My Sex”.​

Ask candidates what is your message to women asking for single sex care, sports, and services?

Visit the RMS website or if you are a member check out our private Election 2024 content.



In January we revealed that the NPCC had mandated an unlawful policy that allowed male officers to search women. That policy guidance was withdrawn on 11 January 2024.


Or was it?


Only 9 forces confirm that they are fully compliant with The Police And Criminal Evidence Act.


Read our follow up report to see if your local force still operates an unlawful policy.

Police Report V2 Cover

WRN strongly condemns the latest attempts to normalise the notion that males can sustainably produce the nutritional requirements of an infant. They cannot do so and should not be encouraged to try.

Are safety, dignity, health and privacy important for your daughter? We are launching a campaign to support a generation of girls to stand up for their rights, and for the rights of future generations of girls too. Let’s #SpeakUpForGirls!

We’ve awarded the Women’s Rights Network Fair Sport Award to those sports that have fair and safe policies for women and girls from grassroots through to elite.

Thousands of rapes and sexual assaults in UK hospitals with only 4.1% of suspects known to have been charged. Read the new WRN report "When we are at our most vulnerable" by Professor Jo Phoenix.

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