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WRN are delighted to have a stall at FiLiA and loads of WRN members will be attending.

Come and join us!




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StreetSafe Reporting Tool

Did you know you can now tell the Community Safety Partnership about areas where you feel unsafe, anywhere in the UK? Flag areas on a map where you feel unsafe and tell them why.

You helped make women’s rights and child safeguarding crucial to the Tory leadership contest. Now help us remind MPs of ALL parties that we will only vote for a candidate who will #RespectMySex.

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Children who declare themselves transgender are to be placed in the “unit of acquired gender” so that they can feel more comfortable...

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Look a bit more closely and drag queen story hour loses some of its glitter..misogyny, homophobia and much more...

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We are a feminist group. We are a network of women from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland with one main focus: to defend the sex-based rights of women.

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