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The Westminster government decided against reforming the Gender Recognition Act (GRA), but the Scottish government are pressing ahead. Although framed up as an “administrative change” that simply streamlines the process for changing the sex on a person’s birth certificate, it would implement self-declaration or “self-ID”, and amounts to the removal of vital safeguards with impacts for the whole of the UK as we explain here.


The key changes are to remove the need for a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria, to reduce the minimum age for applicants from 18 to 16, and to reduce the time an applicant must live in their chosen gender from 2 years to as little as 6 months.

Take Action Today!

  • ​If you can write your own letter, it will be more powerful than a reprinted campaign letter. If you can say how this change will affect you, that is more powerful again.

  • Download and adapt our template letter: Download Word Version | Download PDF Version


Send this Email To Your MP

Dear [Your MP's Name],

I am concerned by the Scottish Government’s proposals to introduce gender self-declaration through their reform of the GRA, and I ask that you lobby UK ministers to refuse cross-border recognition of GRCs issued in Scotland based on self-ID.


Although this is being presented as a purely administrative change it is much more than that, and there are important unanswered questions.


I am concerned that vulnerable young people will be harmed by lowering the age for applying for a GRC.


Minimum age criteria for life changing decisions are an important safeguard to ensure young people do not make decisions that they will come to regret. The UK has recently raised the age at which a person may marry to 18 for this reason.


What evidence is there that 16 year olds are emotionally mature enough to irrevocably change their legal sex markers?  


Would a Scottish born 16 year old in an English school be eligible to apply for a GRC?


I am concerned that bad-actors will find it easy to apply for a GRC.


What are the safeguards that will prevent any person at all “ordinarily resident in Scotland” from applying for a GRC?


Will Scottish born prisoners in English and Welsh prisons be able to apply for a Scottish GRC under the new rules, allowing male prisoners to demand transfers to women’s prisons?


What will prevent anyone from the rest of the UK travelling to Scotland for a short period to change their legal sex markers in the way they once went to Gretna Green to marry?


Please do not allow this change to the Scottish GRA to damage the whole of the UK.

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