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Christmas comes but once a year.

Unfortunately our single-sex spaces are under attack every day. 

Today (26 November) we launch our #AllIWantForChristmas Campaign It will run from 26 November to 24 December Like last year we will focus on the need to protect single-sex spaces for women & girls.






Why do we still need to campaign for single sex spaces?


Many retail stores are ignoring the safety dignity & privacy of women & girls by providing mixed sex changing rooms

At Women’s Rights Network all we want for Christmas are our sex-based rights, as specified in law, by the Equality Act 2010. Women want single-sex changing facilities. We want single-sex toilets. We want sports to be competed in sex-based categories. We want women’s prisons and hospital wards to exclude males

High street stores are very happy to allow men to “identify into” the women’s changing areas. Women who don’t know about these policies believe they are safe. And young women like Charlotte Kirby are left distraught and confused when men deliberately walk in on her.

And this is by no means an isolated incident.


Primark have changed their policy from unisex changing rooms to unisex and “women only”. But for Primark, a woman is anyone who says they are – because “all women” is the new-speak for “women and men-who-say-they-are-women”.


So not women only changing, then. 

Other big names – including Marks and Spencer, Next, Zara and John Lewis – operate the same policy, and allow men who “identify as women” to use women’s facilities.


Our Christmas Campaign will raise awareness of this issue.


Women deserve to know the truth; that these retailers do not take their statutory responsibility for provide safety, dignity and privacy for women seriously.


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If you are a WRN Member AND you are registered on our members website, follow the link below to find out how you can join in.

Please note this is for WRN Members Only.


WRN Christmas Bauble

This is an important issue, please write to retailers, ask them to change their policies. 


And please sign the Sex-Matters petition to update the Equality Act to make clear that “sex” (male/female, man/woman) means biological sex.