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Dear [Your MP's Name],

I am very concerned to see libraries advertise Drag Queen Story Hour this coming summer. Drag is highly sexualised adult entertainment, and I am shocked to see it advertised as suitable for children. 


If we want to teach children about diversity and tolerance, it makes more sense to have readers such as a male nurse, female firefighter or a wheelchair user. 

A common misconception is that drag queens are just like pantomime dames, but drag queens are adult entertainment. An inquisitive child looking for more information on the internet is likely to be exposed to highly inappropriate material. 


A pantomime dame is not just like a drag queen, in the same way that a pantomime is not just like a nightclub. One is suitable for children and has well-established boundaries, the other is adult entertainment.


Furthermore, drag is homophobic, drag is misogynistic and it is a clear safeguarding risk with the potential to cause children great harm by introducing them to a sexualised parody of womanhood and the world of adult entertainment before they are old enough to comprehend what they are watching. It blurs children's boundaries and leaves them at risk of exposure to sexual content. 

Miriam Cates recently spoke very eloquently about PHSE materials used by schools exposing children to inappropriate and inaccurate content as a result of insufficient scrutiny by Ofsted. That DQSH is actively fund-raising for Mermaids, a charity that exists specifically to advocate for childhood transition, is a serious concern.


Who is accountable for scrutinising the materials and events presented to children by libraries? 


What evidence is there that DQSH has positive outcomes for children?


The Family Education Trust has been looking at the materials used in schools and at Drag Queen Story Hour, and they found that Chester and Cheshire spent £300,000 provided by the Welcome Back Fund on DQSH.   


Drag Queen Story Hour is not suitable for children, and it is not a good use of public money. 

Yours sincerely

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