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The ‘Ranting Essay’

A woman is an adult human female! If you say that ’transwomen’ are women then you are changing the definition of 'woman' and accepting gender theory. Gender theory claims that biological sex is secondary to an innate gender, which is unrelated to biological sex. What is 'innate gender'? Gender is socially constructed, lacks a coherent definition and is based on regressive stereotypes.

We should not define ourselves according to such a regressive concept. Women's rights are sex-based rights. They exist to protect us from harms that can arise as a consequence of our sex. If we define 'woman' with a concept of gender which is unrelated to biology then our rights and protections are lost!

Because of the docile acceptance of gender theory by public bodies – who are not even checking the EA 2010, today there are males in prison with scared and intimidated women, there are women playing sport against ‘trans women’ being injured and giving up the sport they love. This is outrageous and unacceptable to me as a woman.

Sex matters. Respect my sex!

Doesn’t sound a ‘ranting essay’ does it? It all sounds very reasonable and considered in fact. Let us tell you a tale.

The Respect My Sex campaign has been a huge hit in Wales and Welsh women have been very busy and having a great time running stalls in Cardiff and Newport, talking to members of the public, who have been absolutely incredible, receptive and supportive of the campaign. We supplemented this with lots of other actions, including ribboning and leafleting.

Given the national media coverage of the Respect My Sex campaign and all the initiatives that have taken place, you’d think that the Welsh media would have picked up on this right? Um, wrong! Our Welsh media well and truly have their fingers in their ears, their eyes closed tightly and their pens and keyboards under lock and key when it comes to women’s sex-based rights.

Oh, they are perfectly happy to pen hatchet jobs on gender critical councillors (Sue Lent) and spout the Welsh Government’s plans to outlaw conversion therapy without any critical thought or journalistic curiosity. But when it comes to thinking or writing about any campaign to protect women’s sex-based rights, they strangely lose their tongues.

Now when the local elections took place on 5th May, many women were in a sticky position; having written to their local candidates and tried to find out what their position was on sex-based rights, they had either had no reply, or a myriad of bla bla bla responses. There were, of course, a few notable exceptions, but these could be counted on one hand. Women compared their decisions and actions on polling day though and the women of Wales WRN were no exception, with many choosing to write ‘Respect My Sex If You Want My X’ and variations of this on their ballot papers.

One Wales WRN woman (who is not ready yet to reveal her identity) told us that evening that she had written a bit more than that. Quite a bit more in fact. We were of course, dead impressed at her dedication (and her ability to write all that on a busy ballot paper)!

So, cue the next day, when the counting started in Wales and, hey presto! A journalist appeared to notice something! Yes, a Wales Online journalist no less! Alex Seabrook had noticed and said;

A counting staff member pulls me aside to say there is a definite pattern in the spoiled ballots, with many saying 'respect my sex to get my x', appearing to be a coordinated campaign. One ballot even had a ranting essay

Now poor little Alex clearly didn’t have the wherewithal to google the Respect My Sex campaign, nor has he responded to our invitations to reach out and find out more. Perhaps the thought of women who are coordinated enough to hold their own views and opinions, let alone write them down on a ballot paper is too terrifying. Perhaps it’s too much to expect the press to have any journalistic curiosity. Or maybe the extensive quote tweeting (including by JK Rowling) has been too much for him.

However, we thought you may like to know what qualifies as a ‘ranting essay’ to journalists in Wales these days. Journalists who are yet to report on the ‘coordinated campaign’ that they observed and commented on. A womanly expression of opinion and outrage perhaps has given them all the vapours.



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