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Don't gobblefunk around with words!

Roald Dahl Illustration - Don't gobblefunk around with words

Have you been told that using preferred pronouns is a courtesy?

Have you been told that using words such as ‘cis’ adds clarity?

Have you been told that using phrases such as ‘pregnant people’ is inclusive?

None of it is true.


I explain here why it’s neither simple, nor a courtesy nor inclusive.

What is it?



Tweet Screen Shot about International Pronouns Day

You might find the following deep dive into language, its disorders and discrimination useful. It is relevant in every area of life. People with communication disabilities are in every area of life. They are you and me, our children, our parents, all our relatives, our colleagues, our friends, our peers, our neighbours. Use this in schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, councils, businesses, courts, anywhere and everywhere.

Spread the word.

Here’s what you’re about to read:

  • I explain language and its use (and pronouns and ‘they’ in detail) and what makes up how we usually communicate. If you’re already expert in all of that stuff, I ask you to read it anyway and if you spot any inadvertent errors, do let me know.

  • I describe communication disabilities in children

  • I then look at adults with communication disabilities

  • I share information on how it is discriminatory to impose language demands.


I share my opinion throughout and the difference between objectivity and subjectivity should be clear to the careful reader.

There are lots of references and links to other resources. Please use what you find relevant to your situation. You can read it all or skip to the bits that you specifically need.

All links and references are included to help you understand or help you help others understand and take appropriate actions. You can use this information to hone your debating or persuasion skills and bring about change where it’s needed. I am not responsible for the content of those links and references and I have no idea what every author’s or participant’s stance on gender ideology is.

Where I have made errors of fact, I’m happy to correct them. Where you disagree with me, I’m open to changing my mind when the facts change.

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