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On 26th May 2023 Heather Binning appeared on BBC - The Context in response to the encouraging news from British Cycling, who have produced a new policy that will outlaw men and boys from entering competitive events meant for women and girls. The policy will be enacted at the end of the year. While WRN welcome this, we are disappointed that non-competitive events have been excluded, and women who join a recreational women’s event (such as the Breeze program) could find themselves riding with men.


Come on British Cycling! This is a great first step towards sanity, but now you need to support all the women and girls who want to ride in female-only groups.

Women's Cycling Image

Sadly, the international cycling community still include men in women’s events, and those men are continuing to steal prizes meant for women and girls. We made a video about this a year ago. Read our latest blog: Cycling – given an inch and they’ve taken a mile.

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