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Purchasing this product enables you to have an email account set up for your WRN Group. The normal annual cost is £12 per year. The first year is pro-rata according to when you sign up. By purchasing a WRN email address you agree to the Terms & Conditions.


Email Format

WRN will determine what your email account is. The format for the email address has been defined by WRN and will be as follows:


Please Note: Twitter handles should be in the specified format. Please contact the Membership Team if you are not sure.


Renewal Dates


All email accounts renew at the same time in November each year, regardless of when you purchased it. This is a requirement of the third party that we use. When you purchase your email account - select the current month and the system will pro-rata the cost accordingly.



When your email address is due for renewal you will be sent an email reminder to renew and pay in order to keep your group email address. If you do not renew it you will lose access to it. It is your responsibility to check your email account for the renewal reminder.



Once your purchase has been approved you will receive an email with further instructions. This will be sent to the email address you use during the purchase process. (Please remember to check your spam folder!)


Should you have any queries relating to the purchase of your Group Email Account please contact the Membership Team.



WRN is not in a position to provide technical support to help you set up the email account on your individual device(s). We will provide generic instructions and there is an option to log into the email account via Webmail on any browser. Instructions will be provided.

WRN Email Set Up

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